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Journeyman: October 23rd 10-12 Biesinger's

Eureka 2014-2015: the Beginnings of an Explosive Era!
Helping train your minds to think logically and discern truth
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Explosions Of Truth!
1. The Bible Dictionary defines "virtue" as "integrity and moral excellence, power and strength." What does virtue have to do with arming ourselves?  Read Alma 31:5--
And now, as the preaching of the word had a great tendency to lead the people to do that which was just—yea, it had had more powerful effect upon the minds of the people than the sword, or anything else, which had happened unto them—therefore Alma thought it was expedient that they should try the virtue of the word of God.
Find and listen to or read a conference talk on "Virtue" and come prepared to share your favorite quote or any ah-has you might have had.  Bring your scriptures as we look for truth!

2. Explosion Expert Demonstration by Drew Biesinger (contact him if you want to help with it)
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3.  Euclid: Come prepared to think like Euclid! 

Image result for image of the math book4. Come prepared to share a Math Moment!—Look in the book “The Math Book” and find an article from the time period 1700-1900 that interests you.  (However, if you find one about geology or that you really like outside of that time period, feel free to share that one instead!) Read it and share with us any questions that arose from it, connections you made, or ah-hahs!

5.  Review the sections of the following 3 fallacies from the book "The Art of Argument" (I have one you can borrow): Come prepared to identify them as we play a game to help us recognize them.
-Fallacy 21: Sweeping Generalizations
-Fallacy 12: Irrelevant Goals or Functions
-Fallacy 16: Bifurcation (False Dilemma)
6. We will be playing some strategic games so feel free to bring some that you feel help us develop "strategy."

Explosions Of Discovery in the field of Geology!

7. Study more about geology and how scientist first started looking into it!
Read the following link about Charles Lyell.  Pay special attention to the beginning, how geology started and reflect or research about references to geological subjects in the scriptures (you may have done this for your Core class project!).

Carefully consider this quote from the reading:
Although he was not conscious of it, his investigations were carried on in the true scientific spirit.
This pursuit did not meet with the sympathy of the people at home, and young Lyell had to endure much bantering and ridicule in consequence of it, but this did not daunt his enthusiasm, and his persistence clearly indicated the spirit of the true seeker after wisdom who lets nothing turn him aside from the path he has chosen.
Virtue!  What a young man!  And that was all before he was even 17 years old!
He continued his studies of insects in his leisure hours, having at this time the assistance of an experienced naturalist, and it was during this period also that he became aware that there was such a science as geology, and that the history of the earth might be studied with the same exactness as distinguished the classification of animals and plants.
The knowledge that the earth, which he had hitherto regarded only as the abode of man, possessed an antiquity far exceeding the most remote history of the human race, excited his imagination to such a degree that he knew no rest until he undertook a course in geology. 
Prayerfully consider the reading and then delve into an area of study where it leads you then come back and teach us.  If you are also doing this for your bunny trails for Core class, then just take it further than you did for Core class.

You can study the man, something he was interested in, study other scientific breakthroughs or areas of study that existed during his lifetime that may have affected his work, make a comprehensive timeline of his life, including people he met and worked with. (The article I provided might not give you enough information for this type of project.)

Have fun with it!

Please contact me if anything is unclear or if you need help with anything :).

Class held at Biesinger's house, Thursday October 16, from 10-12.

Master Class: October 23rd, Biesingers 12:30-3 pm

Wielding the sword of Truth!

Finding Truth in patterns:
1. MATH: Read the first section of chapter 1 and then pick one of the remaining sections of Chapter 1 of “Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe” to read and email Kel to find out which section you can teach to the rest of the group.  (I also have a DVD you can watch of that chapter instead if you would like to borrow it.) Record any cool ah-ha's you have. Bring your compasses if you have some or use the extra ones we have on hand so we can do our "Constructing the Universe" activity!
2.  HEBREW: Watch this clip on Hebrew (1 hour 5 min).  While you are doing this, do the following:
-draw and write down the name of each letter he covers along with a basic meaning, including the review of aleph and bet.
-alongside each one, record any cool comparisons, examples or symbolisms you liked that he mentioned.  
Feel free to doodle and share your doodlings with us as well!

Application of the symbolism of Geology

3. Read this article about a Mormon Geologist and how she found connections between Geology and her life.
4. Read or listen to this speech about "The Spiritual Gems of Life"
read this article about the temple
5. The scriptures make many allusions to valuable minerals (Prov. 31:10–31) and rocks (Matt. 16:18 or Helaman 5:12) because of their great worth or recognized strength.  Make your own analogy in your life to a geological subject or item and bring it to class to share in some way that is meaningful to you. 
6. Come dressed up nicely for our field trip!  We will be visiting the Salt Lake Temple.  We may be doing baptisms for the dead or just taking a tour around, but come prepared. (Please let me know privately if you would like to attend the class but will not have a current temple recommend.) Research what you can about the symbols engraved on the outside of the temple and teach us what you learned as we go there.

We will be talking about what we studied on the way down and back, as well as while we walk around.  We will also be eating our lunches on the way down, leaving right after journeyman.

Identifying truth today!

7. Do your own experiment for truth!  Read an opinion article from the newspaper.  Identify messages in it and then research in the scriptures evidence that supports or discredits the article.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Awesome Master level activity for September!

After prepping your minds to discern the truth from the fallacies, we will put you to the test!

Image result for image of God's not deadThose who participated in Master class and their parents are invited to a special showing of "God's Not Dead" at 6 pm on Thursday night, Sept. 18th at the Biesingers.   Come for a potluck dinner, the movie, and an awesome discussion to follow.  It will be either hawaiian haystacks, a baked potato bar, or taco salad, so please vote for your preference below if you are planning on coming :).

Image result for image of korihorPlease bring your scriptures!  We will be reading Alma 30 together before watching the movie and comparing and contrasting the anti-Christ Korihor with characters in the movie, as well as other delicious parallels.